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Graduation Caps Thrown in the AirGraduation is a milestone and marks a new beginning. As a mom to a high school graduate and an aunt to a college graduate, I’ve been thinking about the advice I could share with each—in case they ever ask!

Do you have a child, relative or friend embarking on the same journey? My advice as a coach (or a parent, mentor or friend) is to help them discover their journey.

Graduation brings with it a mixture of feelings from elation about a significant accomplishment to apprehension about what’s next. The elation may last a week or even a month, but it’s always followed by “What’s next for me?” concerns. Whether the decision is to continue on to a higher level of education or go directly into the workforce, the years following graduation are about exploring independence and passion. It’s a journey that requires reflection, exploration, and learning.

Coaching an…

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