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It is quite interesting that I got this email from Smt Meena this afternoon. Smt Meena doesn’t require any introduction as he is one of the aasthaana artists of this blog.(Do a search on “Meena” in the blog to see her works). This  is my most favorite drawing of Smt Meena!

The final outcome of her work is just outstanding…Highly artistic and beautiful choices of decoration, color, bells and whistles!!! Great work!!!!

Doing a mandapam & mena for Periyava is top on my wish-list too. One day, with His blessings, it will happen.

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!

Meena_Mena1This year my birthday on May 9th is a blessed one. Because that is the day, my bhagyam of making a Mena to Periyava has been initiated. It all started with a Birthday wish from a devotee from NJ. (Name removed as she preferred not to have her name mentioned…

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