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The Compassion Paradox

150601 When you understandOver the past few months I’ve been challenged a number of times regarding my emphasis on being “tough––yet compassionate.” Doesn’t the idea of being “tough” conflict with the ideal of “compassion?”

Well––no. Not if you truly understand compassion as it relates to leadership.

Several times the debate started with the problem of firing someone, either for poor performance, incivility or a lousy attitude.

I cause problems when I say that the most compassionate thing to do might just be to drop the ax! Get rid of ‘em!

Wouldn’t the compassionate act be to work with that person and help them become more productive?

In the case of a bad attitude or disrespect toward co-workers, couldn’t it be that the problem person might not realize what they’re doing?

Or, could they be going through a difficult time and need some support?

Well––yes, to all of the above!

The first part of…

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