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Customer service team working in headsets, smiling.As a Situational Leadership II (SLII) instructor, I teach hundreds of leaders each year how to adapt their leadership style to the needs of their direct reports. Beginners on a new task get a Directing Style; moderately skilled employees get a Coaching or Supporting Style; and highly skilled employees get a Delegating Style. The SLII leadership model has a 30-year track record of quickly and effectively helping people succeed at their work tasks.

I recently had an opportunity to experience this technique from the customer’s point of view while setting up an account with a Microsoft technician so that I could access one of their buildings to train an upcoming class. Before we began, he assessed my technological skill and said, “Since you’re new to this, would it help if I walked you through the steps to ensure your success?”

Wow, I thought to myself. As a beginner on accessing…

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