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Each year the American Customer Satisfaction Index compiles the results of 70,000 random customer interviews to identify customer satisfaction in 43 industries and 10 economic sectors.

The top industries for service: Televisions & Video Players (score 86), Credit Unions (score 85), Internet Retail, Internet Brokerage, Full-Service Restaurants, Automobiles & Light Vehicles, Personal Care & Cleaning Products, and Soft Drinks (6-way tie at 82)

The bottom three for service: Federal Government (score 64), Internet Service Providers (score 63), Subscription Television Service (score 63)

And while industry averages are important benchmarks, the more important question is “Where do you currently stand with your customers?”

For Kathy Cuff, asking that question is the start of doing something about it. Cuff is co-author, together with Ken Blanchard and Vicki Halsey, of the book Legendary Service: The Key Is to Care.  Cuff believes that improving customer service is a five-step process that begins with identifying what an ideal culture…

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