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Natural Renunciation

Great Middle Way

11161348_10152885757413920_1755122920166542860_nAs we grow older, we naturally cultivate renunciation. We can nurture this quality by reflecting on the variety of experiences we’ve already had. This automatically diminishes our craving to repeat similar experiences. We find ourselves no longer so driven to crank up our life in an attempt to have more and to accomplish more, since we’ve already tasted that fruit, with all the accompanying emotions.

We can begin to relax a little, being content with all that we’ve experienced already in our life. This process of awareness and appreciation naturally generates a fuller sense of renunciation. It is not something that needs to be very deliberate, but rather it occurs more and more as our life unfolds, unless we try holding onto things too tightly.

This natural renunciation is happening all the time. If we can just allow that process, and foster an attitude of “practice mind” to go with…

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