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wrong way stop and take a uturn making a mistake turn back now bProviding feedback—especially less than positive feedback—is a task many managers dread.  But feedback is an essential part of providing the day-to-day coaching people need to succeed—especially in today’s fast-paced business environment where people at all levels are in a constant learning mode.

In the new issue of Training Industry magazine best-selling business author Ken Blanchard outlines an effective 7-step process for redirecting behavior that is off-track.  Drawing from his just released book with Spencer Johnson, The NEW One Minute Manager, Blanchard shares a model for leaders looking to provide feedback in a way that helps people learn and see what they need to do differently.

Re-direct the person as soon as possible. Do a re-direct as soon as you become aware of the mistake. When you catch mistakes early on, you can give feedback in small doses and the person can learn from it.

Confirm, review, and be…

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