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bigstock-Blame-25179125Accountability, accountability, accountability.  It’s an issue that comes up time and again as leaders and HR professionals think about the one underlying challenge in their organizations that holds performance back.  It’s a silent killer that operates below the surface in organizations and it’s tough to address.

A best-selling business book (and one that I had never heard of until earlier this month) addresses a key piece of the accountability issue.  Leadership and Self-Deception was first published in 2000 and then re-issued as a second edition in 2010.  The book has sold over 1,000,000 copies since it was published and sales have grown every year since it was first “discovered” by HR, OD, and change practitioners.

What makes the book so different (and hard to describe) is that it looks at work behavior as fundamentally an inside-out proposition.  We basically act out externally what we are feeling inside.  Bad behavior externally—doing…

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