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Great Delusion

Great Middle Way

Those who have great realization of delusion are Buddhas.

Those who are greatly deluded about realization are sentient beings.

—Dogen Zenji, Shobogenzo 

We are all foolish beings (prithagjnana= lacking wisdom). The sincere mind is the true understanding that even though we are, by nature, pure Light, since time immemorial we have been subject to the delusions of cognitive and affective obscurations. 

This foolishness cannot be eradicated by the mere exercise of our own will, intellect, and effort. The deep mind looks to those enlightened Buddhas and Great Bodhisattvas who have come before us, and rejoices in their virtue. The aspiring mind accepts the transference of Their merit to our liberation and enlightenment and, with gratitude, dedicates all our merit to the welfare of others. 

It helps to remember the process when we encounter suffering in the world. The process of recovering our Buddha Nature —our…

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