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The Tao of Louis CK

Bright, shiny objects!

I’m a big fan of James Altucher. I have not been a big fan of Louis CK. James Altucher, however, is. So because Altucher writes about Louis CK, I ‘evaluate’ Louis again. That’s what a trusted relationship does. Altucher writes:

“Laughter has been around since before language. Mammals would use laughter to convey that a situation that they first thought was dangerous, turned out not to be.

That rustle in the bushes? It was just a breeze. Not a lion.

He points it out. The contradictions in every day life. The contradictions I see in my life. The things that we’re uncomfortable about.

Guess what? We don’t have to be.

Here are some of his thoughts. And below are some of my interpretations.” Get the rest of the article here: The Tao of Louis CK.

Here’s a Louis CK bit on his daughter. Definitely NSFW! You were warned…

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