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The True Knowledge!

Known is a drop, Unknown is an Ocean

The source or key to access the true knowledge lies with-in us. True knowledge is across everywhere, but it can accessed by the one who truly seekss it from with-in. The Yoga, Meditation and Spiritual practices are some of the tools to access it. Even in our day today life we may have accessed it sometimes which we call as intuition, spark or flash of knowledge. All the inventions and discoveries in the modern science is just a spark of it.

This true knowledge is called in different names in our ancient scriptures. A few of them are given below. Remember all of them are synonymous terms…

Atma Jnana – Knowledge of Soul or Spirit or Self Awareness
Brahma Jnana – Knowledge of Universe or Knowledge of Space or Universal Consciousness
Advaita Jnana – Knowledge of Non Duality or Knowledge beyond Time and Space or Knowledge of Oneness
Mei Jnanam…

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