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Slide1Our perceptions create our reality.  These perceptions are the illusion we create that we believe is our reality. What type of illusion are you creating as your reality?  Our personal realities are an illusion created by our beliefs, opinions and understanding.  Our realities are the experiences we’ve had; the situations we’ve been in; and what we accept from others including society, family, the government, family, friends and loved ones.

Our individual perceptions are our unique collected experiences…Bringing knowledge for our personal wisdom to guide us further along our life path. 

Reality in essence is a perception of our current knowledge.  What is your perception telling you?  Does this perception create havoc in your life?  Or harmony? Is this perception of reality serving your highest good or are you ready to break the illusion which is not helping you on your life path?

Body pains, emotional pains, mental pains and spiritual…

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