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Cultivating self-confidence involves focusing on your own lovely strengths.

Comparing ourselves to others is a fruitless endeavor. We are all uniquely blessed with our own special abilities. Comparing leads us to be focusing on other people’s gifts versus our own. We then may use judgement, perhaps perceiving someone else as better or has something we do not.  It is okay to admire another’s gifts, just not covet them.  We need to completely understand we each have very unique talents, gifts or abilities of our own.

When we change our focus to look at our passions – basically, what we love to do – we can discover our remarkable individual brilliance. Once we understand that our passions are part of our inherent gifts, it brings us to the realization of our own unique contribution in the world. It allows us to see the wonder of our own special abilities. We can work on accepting our gifts to…

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