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”Lord what fools these mortals be”

William Shakespeare

It’s a strange feeling is facing ones own mortality!

Not unsurprisingly when it finally dawns on us that we’re only human and therefore by definition mortal it has the knack of polarising your thoughts in ways which unless we’ve  experienced it we would in all honesty struggle to fully understand and…..

If we’re unlucky we never will!!

Unlucky because unless we have just cause to question the way we live our lives. Our lifestyle choices. Our relationships. The state of our health….in fact anything that makes up the tapestry that is life! Then we may never know or even care that there could be a healthier, happier and more fulfilling alternative just a heartbeat away.

Whilst they say ignorance is bliss and hindsight a wonderful thing, the massive shame is that there are those who succumb without warning to the eventual fate…

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