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True Loving Friendship

Namaste Rays™

True unconditional friendship and love includes honesty with integrity.

Friendship and love without integrity is not true or unconditional. Integrity is the cornerstone of being your authentic self, helping to cultivate real and true relationships. It is about being honest with both yourself and another. It is recognizing in a relationship what you have ownership of whether it’s your participation, thoughts, feelings and/or actions/reactions.  Basically, “this is my stuff, and that is your stuff.” Integrity is being truthful with ourselves and our part in a relationship, experience or situation, and allowing the other person to recognize their part without force, cajoling, persuasion or manipulation.  If the other person does not recognize their part, that person may not be ready to accept any issues within themselves. Using your integrity for your highest good brings you growth and transformation.

Integrity involves staying true to yourself, and treating others with the understanding, respect and compassion…

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