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Wondering if someone might be thinking of leaving your organization? In a new article for Training magazine I shared the results from a recent survey showing the correlation between how often a person meets with their immediate manager and that person’s intention to remain with the organization.

Correlations of Conversation Frequency and Intent to Remain

Researchers at The Ken Blanchard Companies found that the more often the respondents reported meeting with their managers, the more often they indicated that they intended to remain with the organization—even if offered a similar or slightly better job somewhere else.  (See Fig. 1)

This data point reinforces some of the experiences Blanchard consultants have had in their work with clients and the article shares some related examples.

Getting Started

For HR and OD leaders wondering about the level of communication in their own organization, here are a few questions and strategies to consider.

  1. How often are your managers currently meeting with their direct…

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