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They Feel Your Attitude

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It is all in the attitude on blackboard

One of my favorite authors is John Maxwell. One of my favorite quotes of his is,

“People may hear your words, but they feel your attitude and that will either enable you to connect and win them over or it will alienate them from you.” 

Connecting with others takes time and energy.  It is important to be successful at connecting with others and to also become a “giving person,” someone who would rather give of themselves to others than to take.

For some people being a “giver” comes naturally.  You can spot a “giver” pretty easily as they always have people gravitating to them. This is because they make people feel good.

What does take it take to become a true giver?  First, you need let go of yourself when encountering others, at work or in your personal life. Whatever the encounter is about, it is not about you, it…

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