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Known is a drop, Unknown is an Ocean

The free space is packed with cubical atoms of energy. They are building blocks of the structure of the universe. The cube is micro-abode called Sittravai/ Chittrambalam (mini hall in Tamil). Within the hall there is a vertical luminous shaft called Brahma Sutra (Oli nool). This Olinool/Brahma Sutra is a shaft of consciousness also called Moolathoon/ Moolasthambham. This shaft of consciousness vibrates in a particular order called rhythm. This is the order of nature. This rhythmic vibration of the shaft of consciousness is the dance of Shiva, the Space. The micro space, in the cubical shape is fetus, Garbha or Bindu. This is known as Vinkaru in Tamil. This micro abode is the repository of light and sound.

~ Mayan in ‘Aintiram’

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