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Working at the mallA young woman of my acquaintance (let’s call her Jillian) recently reminded me of an important life lesson.

Jillian is quite simply an amazing human being and, at 17, has entered the workforce as a retail worker at the mall. The job has given her a chance to experience many different aspects of human behavior—both good and bad.

Last week Jillian told me about a conversation she had with a friend of hers, a fellow mall worker who was having a very bad day. Rude customers, an angry manager, and low sales had contributed to her fellow mallie’s feelings of anxiety and upset.

Jillian couldn’t help her friend increase her sales, or calm her angry manager, but she could listen. She could look at the situation and determine how she might be of service. And she could make an intentional decision to do something positive to brighten her friend’s day—which…

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