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Periyava Abaya Hastham

Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara – How to do Gho Samrakshanam if we live in cities and do not see cows in the streets? An amazing incident where Sri Periyava answers our questions. With Periyava’s grace we will find a Gosala in the close proximity or cow shelters that has a few cows used for commercial purposes. Ram Ram!

A wealthy devotee once sent his friend by his car to attend to his work, on his behalf. Unfortunately, the man left for the further-most destination.

The car, which met with an accident on the way, was damaged beyond repair. The friend departed to Sivaloka. There was no end to the devotee’s sorrow.

His remorse that a family was deprived of its head because of him did not leave him in peace at all. He helped the family with a large sum of money. But that hardly compensated for the irreversible…

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