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Anne-Maria Yritys

"Hand Holding Globe With Network". “Hand Holding Globe With Network”.


“Great leaders are willing to sacrifice the numbers to save the people. Poor leaders sacrifice the people to save the numbers”.

(Simon Sinek) 

Leadership is NEVER about you. Great leadership even less. Leadership is not an issue of the EGO the EGO is something that managers are driven by. “Look at me, I am so fabulous”, or “Look at me, this is all about me, and how I want things to be”. 

Leaders do not act, or behave this way. Real Spiritual Leaders thrive from their hearts, and their minds, have learned their lessons, including humility and the fact that essentially, all leadership is about striving for a common goal, and aiming at reaching a state that benefits everyone. 

Unfortunately, due to deficiencies in the human mind, many managers mistake themselves for being leaders – driven by numbers rather than by people…

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