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How To Get Respect At Work

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Employees who value those they work with and for are like rare jewels and a lucky find. These employees seem to be able see the big picture of what their company’s vision is and why what they do is so very important to it.

They also understand that each person who works for the company has a position that is as valuable as theirs. They have all-for-one and one-for-all attitudes.

They take the time toearnrespect from their co-workers and from the start theyshowrespect to everyone they work with. Respect is the essential ingredient in creating a workplace environment where employees value each other.

From the day you are hired you should always demonstrate respect for your boss and co-workers. You may not know them, and they may not show respect to you right away, but do not let that matter.

Showing respect goes a long way…

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