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Swami Dhayanandha Saraswathi Swamigal back to India

Sage of Kanchi

As many of you know Swamiji has been going through health and age related difficulties.  Few months back, while He was in India, His health deteriorated and by God’s grace, He recovered back. Surprisingly He also traveled to US to his ashram last month – quite a pleasant surprise to lots of His devotees. During His stay He fell down in the bathroom and had a fracture etc. Before His travel, Sri Pudhu Periyava & Swamiji met. I saw the photo in FB but forgot to save.

Pujya Swamiji has decided to take Mahasamadhi in Rishikesh (in his ashram). He left for India on Tuesday, August 25th, from Allentown, PA, in a medically equipped chartered flight to Dehradun. As per devotees here in US, Swamiji wants to stop all treatments (dialysis and medications). People around the world are urging him to continue the treatments and not take Mahasamadhi. The final decision is Swamiji’s. Anyone who…

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Kanchiyin Karunai Kadal Video by Sri Indra Soundararajan

Sage of Kanchi


Long back we posted about a television serial by Sri Indira Soundararajan on “Kanchiyin Karunai Kadal”. Due to the reason of being away from India, I could not even see one episode till today. A friend/colleague of mine mentioned about this again and sent me a link. By Periyava’s grace, I was able to download three parts. Each part consists of several episodes that came in the TV on a daily basis. For those like me, who have missed these episodes, can watch them here…..

Only with His blessings, this has become possible. I am listening to Part 1 as I type this.

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara

Episodes 1-6

Episodes 7-14

Episodes 15-19

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Five Tensions of Leadership

Doug Dickerson on Leadership


The fibers of all things have their tension and are strained like the strings of an instrument. – Henry David Thoreau

Avid movie enthusiasts will recall the Steven Spielberg movie “Hook” from the early 1990’s starring Robin Williams, Dustin Hoffman, and Julia Roberts. In this adaptation Peter Pan grows up and plays the role of Peter Banning- a self-absorbed, ladder climbing, workaholic baby boomer.

In some of the early scenes Peter promises his son numerous times that he would come to see him play in his baseball game. Time and again Peter tries to make it to the game but allows business to interrupt the plan and he misses the games. One time Peter even sends one of his office assistants to the ball game in his place. The movie goes on to depict the tension this creates between Peter and his son.

Like the character of Peter Banning; leaders…

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The Most Common Social Media Personalities – And How to Communicate with Them

The Comm Entrepreneur

The Most Common Social Media Personalities – And How to Communicate with ThemHaving spent any amount of time on social media, you are sure to have encountered many different personalities. People who are fairly normal functioning members of society in real life can take on entirely new personalities from behind the “mask” of their profile identity. This often leads to them interacting with in a way they would never do face-to-face.

While social media offers a great opportunity for people to open up, get real and support one another, it can sometimes allow us to be judgmental, critical and overly cruel to one another. So what are some of the common social media personalities that come out of the wood work? And what is the best way to deal with them? Here is a look at 10 common communication styles we can find on social media every day…

Nickname: The Angry Troll 

What they do: This social media personality is one we…

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Do You Need to Get Out of Your Own Way?

Blanchard LeaderChat

In the sixteen years I’ve been a professional coach, I have had the privilege of coaching leaders at every level in organizations.  It’s interesting to note that whether the leader is a new manager or an executive, whether they are just out of grad school or nearing retirement, I am often their first professional coach.

Consequently, I am often the first person to stand shoulder to shoulder with the leader in assessing what is working well, and what isn’t, in their leadership function.

An example of this is a brilliant person I recently worked with who had quickly ascended the corporate ladder in her organization and now supervised a large group of people.  This leader was miserable, however, as were the people on her team.  Essentially, she always had loved being the smart one—but had never learned how to share that role.

As a result, she had fallen into…

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The 10 Commandments of Communication to Build Trust

Blanchard LeaderChat

Ten CommandmentsThe way we communicate with others is a primary way we build trust. Along with specific behaviors and actions, communication serves as the vehicle for building trust in relationships. What we say, how we say it, and how we respond to what others communicate can make or break trust. That’s why it’s important to develop your interpersonal communication skills. There are some basic communication do’s and don’ts…the 10 commandments if you will…that everyone should know to facilitate the growth of trust.

Check yourself against this list to see how many of the 10 Commandments of Communication you adhere to:

1. Thou shalt demonstrate genuine care for the other person – People can see right through a phony. If you don’t genuinely care for the other person in the relationship it will show in your words and actions. If it’s important for you to build trust with someone, then you should find…

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Learning to Think Like a Leader – Part 1

In heaven there are no smartphones

The reality of a smartphone

Trust Creates Motivation

When managers use the word “motivate” as a verb, it is as if motivation is something they can “do to” the workers. This approach shows a lack of understanding of what motivation truly is and where it comes from.

Over fifty years ago, Frederick Herzberg taught us that the strongest motivation is created intrinsically, not by some extrinsic factor, like money.

The only person who can truly motivate you is you. It is the role of leaders to create the environment such that people freely elect to become motivated. Here is a quick story of a manager who knew how to create motivation.

In 1993, I asked Alice to take over a production department with about 120 employees. It was a tough assignment because the prior leader was competent but not a good builder of culture.

Some workers were apathetic and just floated along without much focus. Others were angry…

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