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108 Shiva Temples 64 Villages Built By Parashurama List

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Parashurama was an Avatar of Vishnu.

It is a rare occasion when one Avatar of  Vishnu comes face to face with another.

VadakkunathanTemple Built By Parashrama.Image.jpg. VadakkunathanTemple Built By Parashurama. Kerala

If my memory is correct, this is the only Avatar where one Avatar of Vishnu met another.

Parashurama met Lord Rama, who is also an Avatar of Vishnu met Ram after His marriage with Sita, while he was on His way to Ayodhya.

Parashurama.Image.jpg. Parashurama.

Parashurama was a Man who vowed to wipe out Kshatriyas for 21 Generations for Karthaviryaarjuna, a Kshatriya having killed His father Jamadagni.

He was more angry at Rama for Rama had broken the Bow, Shiva Dhanus at Sita’s Swayamwar, which was given by Him to Janaka, Foster Father of Sita.

He challenged Ram and Ram strung the Bow and asked Parashuram as to what would be the Target he would assign for The Arrow.

Ram reminded Parashurama that…

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Zen Flash

Silence you are the diamond in me,
The Jewel of my real wealth!
From your soft earth,
Grow thousands of rose gardens,
Whose perfumes drown me in my heart.


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Barriers to Personal Growth – Do you refuse to see them?

YOU University Online

Are You Keeping Your Head in the Sand?

ostrichLook around. Denial is everywhere – about being in a lousy relationship; about how you treated someone; about how much money you have.

Are these barriers to personal growth? Being human means we are all pretty much subject to this state of mind. I’ve been told it is a protective construct. I’m sure it is and it is also appropriate to take my head out of the sand and look around when I don’t need that protection any more.

What I need to fully take my head out of the sand and keep it out is about frequent exercise .  This is my barrier.

I’m 72. I have definitely arrived at the “use it or lose it” stage of my life. I’ve been warned and exhorted and the day has arrived. I am no longer get away in the no-exercise-but-my-body-works-pretty-well-anyway stage. Today…

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Trust and Development of People

There are many things leaders need to do to build a culture of high trust. One important concept is to continually develop their people.

When people see a pathway to higher capability, their work is more interesting and rewarding, so they become more engaged in it.

In high development organizations, people trust the managers to improve their lot in life by making them more valuable to the organization. They recognize the company’s investment in growing them, and they naturally return the favor by applying themselves further to their work.

There is a solid correlation between development of people and the level of trust an organization can achieve with the work force.

Development of people also creates low employee turnover because employees are happier. Here is a prime example of the connection.

Wegmans is a grocery chain in the northeast United States that is based in Rochester NY. This private organization…

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The Amazing Secret in your Heart

Albert EinsteinAlbert Einstein, the scientific genius of the twentieth century and perhaps of all human history had some advice on how to live our lives:

“There are only two ways to live your life:
One is as though nothing is a miracle
The other is as though everything is a miracle”.          

Most of us go through the daily routine of life quite casually. The sun rises and sets and we never marvel that it does. Our friends and relatives come and go and we never wonder where they go. Our hearts keep on beating day after day and we never stand in awe at the miracle taking place inside our unique bodies. Life is not a mystery for us; life is just a daily experience that goes on and on, most of the time being quite dull, boring and repetitive.

But what if we began to see…

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Today’s Quote

Soul Gatherings

hope I

We must have hope or starve to death.

~ Pearl S. Buck ~

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Mahaperiyava Mahatmiyam 1by Salem Sri Ravi

Sage of Kanchi

Thanks to Shivaraman for the audio. It seems that Salem Sri Ravi is planning to narrate few incidents as a series on Mahaperiyava Mahatmiyam. I am sharing these with you as I get it….

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Why Stainless Steel(Ever Silver) vessels are not allowed in Prayers?

Sage of Kanchi

Mahaperiyava from “Dheivathin Kural”..Thanks to Karthi for mentioning this in FB…Periyava had said this in 70s…Now, things are even worse.. People have forgotten bronze, copper vessels…In fact, couple of years back I was in Kumbakonam in a metal shop and the merchant was saying that nobody buys these any more except temples. Households buy only ever-silver and silver. Due to cost factor, silver is affordable for all the time. For puja related, even though we can’t afford silver, we should certainly go for non-eversilver items…While we can’t convince everyone to follow, at least those who do nithya puja and follow aachara anushtanams can at least follow this….


இப்போது எவர்ஸில்வர் என்று ஒன்று ரொம்ப நடமாடுகிறது.

ஸ்வாமி தீபம் உள்பட கலசமாக வைக்கிற குடம் உள்பட எல்லாம் அதில் வந்துவிட்டது.

இத்தனை காலம், இரும்புப் பாத்திரம் உதவாது என்ற சாஸ்திர விதியை அநுஸரித்து வந்தவர்களும் இப்போது எவர்ஸில்வரை உபயோகிக்கிறார்கள்.

“இரும்பு கூடாது என்றதற்குக் காரணம் அது துரு பிடிக்கக்கூடும் என்பதுதான்; அதனால் அதில் ஆரோக்கிய ஹானி உண்டாக்குகிற ஹேது…

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