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Asian woman holding with clipboard and pen point up Dear Madeleine,

Due to a recent move to another country, I had to find a new job. Obviously I had to step down professionally, and now I found myself in an awkward situation: I have more knowledge, qualifications, and skills than my new boss. I see him struggling with his job. Things like time management, getting organized, delegation, and customer service are a few areas where he is lacking. 

How do I tell him what he is doing wrong and teach him what to do without making him feel I’m a threat? –Cautious Teacher

Dear Cautious,

Your situation definitely sounds frustrating. I am a little confused by your use of the word obviously when you describe how you had to “step down professionally.” What made it obvious? Are you navigating in a second language? Or are your academic qualifications not accepted somehow in your new country? Whatever the case, I would encourage you…

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