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By John Mandrola, MD   June 15, 2015

You might think a cardiologist would spend his time with patients discussing technical things with complicated medical words. But in reality, I spend most of my time talking about the four legs of a table: the table of health.

I explain that their health is like a table. And just like a sturdy table, it has four equal and strong legs. If one is shorter or longer, the table wobbles, and eventually breaks.

Here are the four “legs” that keep our health steady:

1. Diet. My main piece of advice on food is to be mindful of it. Think. Getting heart patients to think about food is the first step. Recently, while I was examining the belly of an obese man, I asked “What is this?” I meant his huge abdomen. The wife said, “It’s cheese and crackers.” Okay, I thought…

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