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Relaxnews    Tuesday, August 18, 2015

As we grow older, our sleep quality improves while the amount of time we spend sleeping diminishes, according to a new study.

“Older subjects complain less about sleepiness, and pathological sleepiness is significantly lower than younger subjects,” write the researchers, indicating that we may require less sleep as we age.
Inspired by a gap in sleep research across age and gender, a research team from Switzerland combined questionnaires that relied on participants’ self-reporting and actual observation of their sleep. This allowed them to tackle the question as to whether their subjects were correctly interpreting their sleep quality.

Growing older means becoming more of a morning person over time, according to the study, which found a gradual shift towards earlier bedtimes and mornings, in addition to fewer complaints about daytime sleepiness from the older set.


It takes longer for women to fall asleep at night…

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