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What beautiful rewards sleep delivers– if you can get enough of it.
Sleep has profound effects on our memories, desires, self-control, learning, relationships and more.
Here are twelve studies which demonstrate some of the psychological
benefits of sleep and a few of the dangers of not getting enough.

1. Placebo sleep

Sleep is slippery beast, not least in how it’s susceptible to our perceptions of its quality.
If we think we’ve had a wonderful sleep last night, we feel and
perform better, even if our sleep was actually the same as usual.
This is what Draganich and Erdal (2014) found in a study which had participants hooked up to sensors which they were told were measuring the quality of their sleep.

Actually the sensors weren’t measuring anything. Instead the
researchers randomly told some people they’d had better sleep than
When they were given a cognitive test the next day…

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