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MS Amma
Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara – The past few posts Sri Periyava spoke about the importance of men wearing Vibuthi or Thiruman and its significance. Here Sri Periyava tells how important it is for women to wear Turmeric Kumkum between their eyebrows and on top of their foreheads. It is very sad many women come with a blank forehead even whey come to temples in US (including Periyava devotees). Sri Periyava points out the Stick Bindi women wear on their foreheads may contain ‘Gelatin’ (the adhesive) which will earn us the sin of ‘Gho Hathi’ (Killing Mother Cow) and tells compulsorily to use the traditional Kumkum. Gelatin is used in other food products we use in our daily lives so it is better to check the ingredients  before we buy any product so we do NOT commit ‘Gho Hathi’ Sin. Keeping our food and life style…

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