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How (and Why) the Opt Out Movement Could Grow into the Most Powerful & Important Children’s Rights Movement in History…


By going on the offensive- holding nation-wide marches, walk-outs, sit-ins, boycotts, workshops & teach-ins: organizing coordinated local actions simultaneously in all states to focus attention upon and “take out” the corrupt and destructive forces strangling our children’s education and causing them psychological harm.

By asserting children’s legal rights demanding changes in U.S. law to protect the most vulnerable members of society from “hostile” forces that treat them like factory products on an assembly line. (See Diane Ravitch: Time for an American Child’s Bill of Rights  & Valerie Strauss: Civil Rights Hero Launches American Child’s Education Bill of Rights )

By focusing attention on the strengths of our position as compared to the weaknesses of the reformers- both research evidence and the law support our position, while their house is built on sand and deceptions

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