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Waiting For Special Moment.Dear Madeleine,

I sure could use some help. I have worked for a company for 12 years. Here is the story. All I hear from my boss are the same words: “Oh you are such a good worker, we always can depend on you to produce, you always make me look good to the higher ups.” Even my boss’s boss says the same thing. How do I ask my boss nicely, “Why am I not being advanced to a higher position?”—and get her to act on it?     —Ready for a Promotion!

Dear Ready,

How wonderful that your boss and the “higher ups” recognize how competent, hard working, and dependable you are. You are clearly an employer’s dream!

As you begin your quest for a promotion, here are a few things to think about:

Be clear about what you want. What do you really want? What would it really mean to be in a…

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