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By Katrina Pascual, Tech Times       October 4

Complete, restful sleep may boost both psychological and immune system memories, according to latest research.

In an opinion piece published in Trends in Neurosciences on Sept. 29, researchers said that deep sleep may “strengthen immunological memories of previously encountered pathogens” – meaning the immune system can better remember bacterial or viral encounters through creating memory T-cells, which last for months to years and help the body recognize previous infections and respond quickly.

In forming psychological memory, the central nervous system (CNS) interferes in responses to psychological events, forming lasting memories of the relevant physical and social environments. The same is said to be true with the immune system.

“[T]he idea that long-term memory formation is a function of sleep effective in all organismic systems is in our view entirely now,” said senior author Jan Born of the University of Tuebingen…

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