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Businessman On Blurred Office BackgroundUpon learning the concepts of Situational Leadership® II, leaders often are eager to partner with employees to provide whatever it takes—clear goals, direction, support, feedback, and recognition—to develop skills and confidence. To lead effectively, leaders select from two behavioral categories: directive behaviors and supportive behaviors.

This may sound easy, but did you know there are 14 different directive and supportive behaviors? How do leaders know which of these behaviors they use most effectively and which they underutilize? To help with these types of questions, an assessment like Blanchard’s Leader Action Profile II (LAPII) can be invaluable.

The LAPII is a multi-rater assessment that provides clear descriptive feedback on critical leadership behaviors by reporting on:

  • an individual’s use of the 14 directive and supportive behaviors
  • perceptions of leadership style
  • the direct report’s level of satisfaction

An assessment like the LAPII provides a very useful snapshot for leaders. It illustrates their…

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