This site is the bee's knees


I just saw a post on the 4 human needs that have to be satisfied for engagement and motivation to occur in your company. I’ll add that article to the pile with other articles telling me about 7 needs, 3 needs, Maslow’s needs, Dan Pink’s needs, the bee’s knees…wait that’s knees not needs… oh well I’m sure someone will write a post how bees are the secret to human motivation.

I’ve spent 30 years working with companies on motivation and engagement. I don’t have a list of needs. You’d think I’d have one by now, right? I must be stoopid because these companies that have only been around for 6 years and have found the SECRET to motivation!! I haven’t found it in 30 years and believe, me I was looking HARD for it.

Truth is these lists of needs are all garbage.

They are just lists. Do they have any…

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