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People don’t always appreciate how easy it is to consume calories vs. working it off

CBC News Posted: Nov 12, 2015 

People often overestimate the number of calories they’ve burned by exercising, and underestimate how many calories are in the food they eat, experts say.

Exercise is important for many reasons such as cardiovascular fitness, but long-term studies have shown the amount of weight loss specifically from exercise programs is modest.

After burning off calories during exercise, the body tends to seek a balance by replacing the calories, driving up hunger, explains Steven Bray, a health psychologist at McMaster University in Hamilton.

If you think a hard, fast-paced workout on a treadmill has earned you
the right to eat a burger and fries, think again.

“What’s challenging for most people is that it takes quite a bit of time at a high intensity to burn a lot of calories,” Bray…

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