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The mid-life dip, a tip from people who’ve been through it, feeling awe, how to prioritize positivity and more…

1. Most people are happy most of the time

Maybe you don’t need to do anything at all to feel happy…

People are, on average, in a mildly good mood most of the time all around the world, a new study finds.

Researchers have reviewed evidence drawn from many different nations — rich and poor, stable and unstable.

As long as people have not just experienced a strong emotional event, even those in poor circumstances are likely to be in a mild positive mood.

2. The mid-life dip is normal

Life satisfaction dips in middle age, after which it starts going up again beyond the age of 54, a new study of worldwide well-being finds.

The dip in life satisfaction occurs around the age of 45 until 54, and is seen…

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