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Growth Hacking Your Life

Peak Performance Mindset via Bob Choat


To borrow a term relegated to the engineered marketing world called “growth hacking”, I will begin this article. In that realm, growth hackers use the best means necessary (and at the lowest possible cost) to ensure growth of their business entity. Instead of using traditional means to grow a business, the growth hacker wants to know what works and what doesn’t work. They test every single variable until their marketing enables their business to spread to every single person within their target market.

While not the same as business, each of us can use the same type of thinking to help you to grow. When we travel the road of our life, we will come across bumps, holes, cracks and the like. We will make mistakes. The growth hacker makes mistakes too. The difference between a growth hacker and the traditionalist is that the growth hacker knows what works and…

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