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concept photo of man and woman hiding behind masks of misunderstMany of the coaching conversations I’ve had lately have trended to the same theme: work that is almost, but not quite, on the mark. Since this is a keen issue for my clients, perhaps it is for you, too.

In these conversations, I’ve learned that a leader believes she’s been clear about what needs to be done, or a direct report thinks he knows what is being asked of him. But then the deadline comes and goes without delivery. Or the project is presented, but only in the most rudimentary manner.

What happened?

In reviewing these situations with clients, regardless of whether the client was in the role of leader or direct report, the expected steps emerged: goals were set and deadlines were mentioned—but what didn’t happen also surfaced. Missing in these conversations was the opportunity to review and confirm what was discussed. The leader stated the deadline, but did…

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