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Coaching Training Mentor Teaching Coach ConceptOver the last several days I’ve been working with a really wonderful client who offers their entire leader population all sorts of phenomenal development opportunities—including coaching skills training.

While everyone agrees that coaching is a good thing, there is disagreement about how, when, and where coaching should be applied. Here are some myths and misconceptions we have been examining.  How many of these statements do you agree with?

  1. Coaching takes a lot of time
  2. As the coach, I have to be a subject matter expert and know the job/role/task of my direct report in detail
  3. There is one best way to coach
  4. Anyone can be a coach

Let’s break it down.

Does coaching take time? Yes. Does it take a lot of time? Sometimes. Other times, a well placed, open ended question can break someone open to new thinking and new possibilities.  In fact, my client and I compared the…

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