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Judith Orloff       Jan 7, 2016

Are you tired of the type of people you are attracting in your life? Do you want a more commanding role in who you attract?

Positive energy is that mysterious, seemingly elusive magnetism between us that enhances love, friendship, work, and all endeavors seeking success.

As a psychiatrist, I work with my patients to help them grasp the energetic exchange between people —those who give energy, and those who drain it.  Understanding how to generate the positive energy of attraction isn’t always easy, but once we transform our approach, we can realize our deepest dreams.

Though attraction is often linked to appearance, IQ, bank account, or charm, these aren’t enough to create a positive loving relationship. Once we truly realize that we don’t just want any old attention—we actually want the right kind of attention that will excite and nurture us—then we…

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