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The Customer Experience is illustrated on a number of sticky notHere’s a quick quiz. What job position has 106,000 openings on LinkedIn, has been around about three years, and is focused on such areas as product adoption, onboarding, churn reduction, and customer advocacy?

If you guessed customer success manager, you’re right. Customer success is a new approach to customer service that is proactive instead of reactive. Customer success means anticipating the needs of the customer to drive adoption, reduce churn (customer attrition), increase upselling, and promote customer devotion. After all, if a customer doesn’t use your product successfully, how likely is it that they will remain a customer?

Let me give you an example.

My mother recently switched cable providers. She didn’t feel the one she had was easy enough to access, competent, or thorough. A technician arrived a couple of weeks ago and set up her new system. She was happy that she would now be able to…

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