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In a webinar on first-time management last week, we asked the 900+ people in attendance to share their biggest challenge as a first-time manager.  It was open ended so people could type in whatever came to mind.  The chat box was soon bursting with 146 responses.

I’ll summarize the major buckets as I saw them, but I encourage you (after you read this, of course!) to click on the graphic and read what people said in their own words.  This exercise paints a very human picture of the challenges new managers face when they first make the jump from individual contributor to supervising the work of others.

Here’s how I categorized things:

146 First-Time Manager ChallengesThe vast majority of challenges dealt with people issues—things like managing former peers (about 20% of responses), managing conflict, improving morale, building trust, earning respect (about 15%), or working with older or more experienced team members (about…

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