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Sporty fit healthy smiling beautiful woman, red head girl holdinLowering your stress level—it’s a fact of life many coaching clients want to address. The sheer busyness of people’s day-to-day work lives causes many to feel stressed out, overwhelmed, and ill equipped to deal with situations that come their way.

This past week, a client came into a coaching meeting feeling just that way. She intended to come to the session to cancel, and started out by saying, “I know I’ll have to forfeit this time with you…”

Rather than do that, I asked if she would be willing to spend just fifteen minutes with me. She agreed. We structured the call so she had three minutes to vent about her day, her week, and all of the things that were stressing her out. Then we tried four different techniques to lower her stress.

4 minutes for Guided Meditation: For four minutes, my client leaned back in her chair…

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