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What makes an outstanding employee?  In my 20 years of management, I have had several good employees, but there are only a few that I would say were “outstanding.”

Over the years I have complied a list, from workshops I have led, of the top 10 common attributes that managers agree on that “outstanding” employees possess.  Year-after-year the list has stayed the same with little variance.

Outstanding Employee Attributes:

1. They are generalists at work; they can do multiple job tasks so they are very valuable to their employer.

2. They give high quality service to customers, clients and their co-workers.

3. They are creative in their thinking.  They will offer new and better ways to complete job tasks or run systems.

4. They have good communication skills and use them.  They speak up but do not dominate conversations.

5. They keep their job tasks up.

6. They will take…

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