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Trust or Blind Faith

Great Middle Way

12208444_216037058728512_5251017446376541709_nOne of the common problems observed in the West is that we often impose Christian connotations on Buddhist terms. Sraddha means “trust”, and never “blind faith”. Trust is reasonable.

(1) You ask a friend ten questions, and on nine instances, you receive an answer that can be ascertained to be true. You may not be able (as of yet) to ascertain the truth of the tenth answer, but neither can you discard it through reasoning or experience. Is it more or less reasonable to accept the tenth answer provisionally?

The vast majority of the Buddha’s teachings can be validated through reason and experience. Why would we reject those we cannot yet understand? The testimony of a reliable witness is accepted as evidence, even in courts of law.

(2) You have normal eyesight. Someone indicates that there are microscopic organisms that you cannot see without proper instrumentation. Is it reasonable to…

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