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Vedas in CDs


Veda Prasar Samiti
( Formerly Delhi Vedic Trust )
Recordings of classical chants of Vedas


During the last 15 years Delhi Vedic Trust (a non-profit association), had been distributing recordings of classical chants of Vedas, starting first with Shukla Yajur Veda in 1990 and gradually adding other Vedas over the years. In April 2000, recording of one shaka in its entirety of every Veda was completed, thanks to the blessings of Garuda Bhagavan referred to in the Vedas themselves as Vedaswarupi or the Repository and the very Form of all Vedas.

Having regard to the subsequent location of the trustees and the interest evinced by donors in places far beyond the shores of the country of the earliest manifestation of the Vedas, signifying their universal appeal, the name of the trust was changed to a more generic one as VEDA PRASAR SAMITI and registered now in Chennai, South…

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