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empower, enhance, enable and engage - business concept - napkinMost leaders began their careers as high functioning individual contributors.  They had their sphere of responsibilities and took pride in their ability to accomplish tasks.  They were self-starters effective at how to get work done. These qualities likely contributed to their eventual promotion into a management role.

But when they became a manager, their role shifted.  They now needed to focus on what needed to get done and leave the how to the individual contributors they managed.  As a manager, they needed to be more strategic and less tactical.

Many managers struggle with this change.  They had established numerous great methods, processes, and ideas for how to accomplish work. What are they supposed to do with these concepts now?

For a fair share of managers, the natural answer is to pass on their ways to their direct reports by staying hands-on.  It doesn’t occur to them that as a manager…

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