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Best PracticeIn today’s society, everyone wants to learn something quickly and master it straight away. In reality, this doesn’t happen—to learn something well takes time and practise. A couple of articles I’ve been reading lately can help shed some light on training techniques that work.

In a recent post for VeryWell, Kendra Cherry, author of TheEverything Psychology Book, identifies ten ways learners can help themselves be more effective.  Out of the ten, my favourites are these:

Keep learning (and practising) new things. Let’s take learning a new language: You have to keep practising in order to become fluent. The best way is to live in the country in which the language is spoken and be immersed in it; otherwise, you can forget what you have learned. The same can be said when you have just taken a training course. If you don’t keep practising what you have learned…

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