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Deliberate Development

mistakes in penOne thing many people can agree on is people are allowed to make mistakes.  It is how we learn.  As leaders, we have to tread carefully when we react to mistakes made by subordinates—we can either create an environment where innovation has a place or stifle it by allowing no mistakes and creating an environment where people become ‘gun-shy’ and very risk averse.  The way mistakes are handled are often a combination of perception, background of the situation, the ‘precedent’, the mistake ‘offender’ and their perceived intent, and overall climate of the organization.  A mistake is “an action, decision, or judgment that produces an unwanted or unintentional result” as defined by the Cambridge English Dictionary.  It comes down to whether the mistake was the effect caused by defective or deficient knowledge or judgment or whether it was out of carelessness.  There really is no ‘one size fits all’ approach when…

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