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Who Are You written on wipe boardThe first step in becoming a great leader is to understand who you are.

Unfortunately, most leaders don’t realize that this first step, knowing yourself, should never end.

Why? Because as you grow and develop as a human being and as a leader, aspects of you will inevitably change—as is the nature of growth and development.

As a result, the knowledge of who you are can become outdated quickly.

It may be surprising to find out that even the building blocks of your physical being change quite frequently. Find out more here:

What Are You videoWhen was the last time you took some time for self-discovery?

As a leader, remember to make time periodically to rediscover yourself and figure out how you’ve changed and grown.

It’s a great way to measure your development progress, to better understand who you are, and to determine how you can best serve your direct reports.

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